You are performing a prestigious journey, the importance of which is mentioned in the Holly Quran by ALLAH Almighty and in the Hadith By the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H).

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) has given the good news about this journey

Hadith “(if somebody has performed Hajj (Pilgrim) and then not done any sin he will return as his birth time from his mother.”

The act upon which all the sins are forgiven is not a worthless journey. It’s a hard time and loveable task, as a lover bears all the hardships on the way to either have or meet his lover the same thing is appreciated by Allah in his way while one offers Hajj and face the hardships on the way.
Because of the same reason the Hajji at the time of performing Hajj removes off his costly clothes and starts their journey just by wearing Ehraam. In the name of ALLAH reciting Talbiya (Labbaik and Labbaik at times moving to Minah at times to Arafaat, Mozdalfah, whether to Jamraat and in Makkah Mokarrama. In short Hajj journey is not an easy job doesn’t matter Saudi Government or Pakistan’s Government offers lots of facilities still there are hurdles in the way long.