Hajj Package for 2017


Duration of Stay: Long Nature:         Fixed
Air Ticket (Economy class): Included


Maktab Category (As per E-Hajj System): Category-D (Maktab 99-137) New Mina Maktab Facilities: Air cooler
Mina/Maktab Bedding: Matress Meal in Mina/Maktab: Three times single dish Parcel by Moallam
Makkah Accomodation Distance: 1200 m Type of Makkah Accomodation: Building
Room Load in Makkah Acc: 5-8 persons Food in Makkah: Breakfast + 2 times double dish parcel
Azizia Accommodation:   Nill Transport (Inter City): Pvt Buses
Mushier Transport: By Maktab Arafat Facilities: Air cooler
Madinah Accommodation Distance: 500 m Room sharing in: 5-8 persons
Food in Madinah: Breakfast + 2 times double dish parcel    
Ziaraat:         Included Qurbani: Not included
Gifts to be provided: Ahram/Abaya, bag, bottle Additional Facilities: On additional payment